The future of mobile apps
Built by you

We’ll provide you with the tools you need to create incredible plugins for your app.

Need something custom? Build exactly what you need for your app.

Develop Custom Plugin’s

Create functionality just like any of our standard plugins.

Access Device API’s

We provide you with API’s to access device information such as geo location.

Managed Hosting

No need to maintain your own server. We host and manage your app.

Open Source Plugins

Fork our plugins or get inspiration. We make getting started easy.

BuildFire Services

Leverage our services to speed up application development.

Managed Hosting

No need to maintain your own server. We host and manage your app.

Create plugins with technology you already know and love.

If you know web technologies, you know how to develop within BuildFire’s platform. We handle all the cross platform support for you.

Our plugins are MIT open source, use them as examples or fork them yourself.

Don’t let the other platforms box you in. You decide what to build.

You know your customers best. Create custom plugins for your customers and industries. Let the platform grow with your business.

678134-sign-check-20 Create Plugins For Your White Label

Offer your own custom plugins within your clients dashboard like any other BuildFire plugin.

678134-sign-check-20 Issue Private Licenses

Want to privately distribute functionality you create? No problem at all with our private license keys.

678134-sign-check-20 Rapid Application Development

With our platform you can build apps in a fraction of the time it would take to develop natively or with other cross platform solutions. Let’s start building the future together!

See What Other Developers and Customers Are Saying!

“I’ve been looking for a platform to take away the setup and backend work, while giving me the flexibility to develop anything I need. The BuildFire Platform does just that. Great job!”

Bashar Kalaldeh

Sir Engineer Madain Corp.

“Not only is BuildFire easy to develop on. But its also easy to get the client to make their own theme and content modifications without constantly needing the development team.”

Sakshi Tyagi

Sr Engineer To The New

Leverage our components to speed up your development.

We make development lightning fast by taking care of basic components for you (if you choose).

BuildFire Datastore

This is a framework provided by BuildFire that allows you to save and retrieve data. This service takes care of all server side infrastructure letting you focus on what you do best.

Global Positioning System

Get the location of the user at any time so you can build location centric functionality.

Image Library

Need users to include images in your plugin? Leverage our image library to make including images seemless.

Action Items

Action Items represent an action user can take. This could be a link to open in a browser, a telephone number to call, an sms, or an address to navigate to. All you need to do is save it in your datastore.


Some plugins require the user to be authenticated before continuing on to a particular feature. We let you retrieve a users identity and manage their session.

Audio Player

Let your plugins play audio in the app without interruption from user navigation. It facilitates common audio controls and maintains a playlist for the user to access.

…and much more!